Our Story

Family at the center .

The history of Panoramico

Family at the centre, commitment and passion. The love for beautiful things, for their land and for a job that is synonymous with hospitality and taste.

In 2020, the Hotel Panoramico Restaurant received recognition as a historic restaurant from the Region of Lombardy, a prestigious nomination that enhances the restaurant overlooking Lake Iseo and surrounded by the nature of Sebino, between mountains and hills. A place with a breathtaking panorama, a spectacular view of the beauty of nature.

The peace of Lake Iseo and the wonder of a 10,000-square-metre park embrace the restaurant and hotel founded in 1965 in Fonteno. An institution for the area, with a history that is that of a family well rooted in the territory: “Our father Battista Bertoletti, a building contractor, began building a small hotel while our mother was in charge of the kitchen of the restaurant attached to the hotel – remember Monica and Beppe Bertoletti -. We were children, coming back from school and playing daddy’s “bocia” and mummy’s handyman: we built the Panoramico piece by piece, dream after dream”.

A hotel and restaurant, “with a culture of beauty and goodness that has always been the driving force behind every step, every choice,” they continue, “always keeping our roots firmly in the territory, spreading them through food and hospitality.

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Mamma Rosina is the history of the restaurant: in the kitchen, her quick hands and skill in preparing fresh pasta enchant. The casoncelli, the traditional ones, with local products and the experience of a lifetime: “Not to mention her Foiade with porcini mushrooms, unfailing” explain her children.
Dishes from the territory, recipes that reflect the history of the lake: “So as not to forget our roots,” Monica and Beppe continue, “We work with fish from the sea, but also from the lake because this is our territory and we enhance it, experimenting with new dishes starting from raw materials of excellence.

All seasoned with a culture of hospitality in which Beppe and his sister Monica have always believed: ‘It is part of our DNA: the lake brings tourism from all over the world and every day we tell the life of this land, our customs and stories that are the expression of an area rich in beauty and values.
The cuisine itself is a tale of great value. This is our goal every day: along with good food, to be ready to understand what is precious around us, transmitting it to our guests”.
Who of the Panoramico appreciate the peace, the relaxing, informal and familiar atmosphere. The true sense of love for a place and for their daily work.